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Workforce Planning Essentials

The pressure to retain skilled employees is increasing. Organisations are renewing their workforce investments as a method of retaining critical capability. Workforce planning provides managers and HR professionals with an approach to attract, retain, develop and deploy workforce capability to meet their organisational objectives.

This half-day course has been designed to assist managers and HR professionals gain an understanding of the workforce planning process; their respective roles in the process and the importance of workforce information in developing fact based solutions.


Strategic Workforce Planning

  • What is workforce planning anyway?
  • How can I apply a framework to my context?


Workforce Planning Data Requirements

  • What information do I need as a starting point?
  • What else might be required?
  • Where can I access other relevant information?


Overcoming Barriers

  • What are the barriers to effective workforce planning?
  • How do I overcome these barriers?


Engaging Key Stakeholders

  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • How do I engage with them?


Keeping the momentum

  • Integrating workforce planning with other planning processes
  • Keeping people enthusiastic about the process



Sydney              19th November

Brisbane           26th November

Melbourne       3rd December



$ 495 per person – excluding GST

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Workforce Planning Toolkit & Templates

Want to save Time and Money on your next workforce planning project?

Gente have developed a suite of basic workforce planning templates you can use to kick start your next workforce planning project. The templates will help save you time & money allowing you to focus on workforce solutions rather than the time required to design your own Microsoft Excel templates. The templates are also available for Mac OS X, Numbers’09 users!

Gente – Workforce Planning Templates include fully functioning templates ready to use or adapt to suit your specific workforce needs.

What’s included:

  •  Detailed Instructions
  • Microsoft Excel 97 or Numbers’ 09 templates
    • Supply Forecaster
    • Demand Forecaster
    • Gap Analysis Projection
    • Age Profiler
    • Gender Profiler
    • Tenure Profiler
  • Free updates for a Year!
Example Age Profile

Age Profile

Example Gender Profile

Gender Profile

Example Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

By ordering your Gente – Workforce Planning Templates you will obtain access to your choice of Microsoft Excel 97 or Mac Numbers’ 09 templates and receive regular updates for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. As well as being able to use and modify the templates you can also contact us directly should you need help tailoring the templates to suit your specific workforce requirements.

Multi-user licences are also available should you wish other team members to access and use the templates.

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Workforce Planning Intensive

This 2-day workshop has been developed to expand on the topics covered in the workforce planning – essentials program. Participants will work through a case study that will allow them to apply workforce planning principles in a real life situation. The workshop will develop participants skills and understanding of data needed and the importance of collaboration with business leaders in formulating workforce solutions.

The intensive workshop will cover topics such as environmental scanning, developing supply & demand forecasts, engaging with management and overcoming typical barriers to effective workforce planning. The case study will also touch on challenges faced in both a private and public sector context.


Strategic Workforce Planning

  • What is workforce planning anyway?
  • Applying a framework to my organisational context


Environmental Scanning

  • Assessing impact of external market factors
  • Incorporating external influences into workforce plan


Strategic Alignment

  • Assessing strategy impact on our workforce needs
  • Overcoming barriers to effective workforce planning


Current Workforce Profile

  • Developing a current state workforce profile
  • Identifying critical skills & jobs
  • Identifying critical workforce segments


Workforce Planning Data Requirements

  • Identifying data sources needed
  • Interpreting workforce information
  • Building a fact based workforce profile

Engaging Senior Executive

  • Identifying stakeholders in the workforce planning process
  • Developing a common understanding


Future State & Scenario Planning

  • Flexible approach to future state assessment
  • Confirming future hot spots
  • Developing Demand & Supply Forecasts


Gap Analysis & Solutions Development

  • Identifying workforce gaps
  • Formulating solutions – who owns the outcomes?
  • Aligning business unit and corporate initiatives


Measuring Success & Ongoing Monitoring

  • How will we know when we are successful?
  • Integrating workforce planning with strategic planning


Next Steps

  • Planning your workforce planning project
  • Governance arrangements required for success

Sydney             20-21st November

Sydney             27-28st November

Sydney             4-5st December



$ 1, 395 per person – excluding GST

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Developing a Leadership Strategy

This one day workshop has been designed to assist managers and HR professionals develop their organisations unique leadership strategy. The workshop provides participants with a guiding framework to help define, assess, build and measure their organisations leadership capability.

The workshop will include practical activities to facilitate discussion and engage with senior executives around the need to define & develop their unique Leadership Strategy. The  workshop will also provide participants with a process to help measure the success of their leadership investment.

Defining Strategic Leadership

  • Defining strategic leadership
  • How can I apply a framework within my context?


Engaging Key Stakeholders

  • Engaging leaders to take the leadership journey
  • Building consensus with the leadership group


Identifying Leadership Pipeline

  • Segmenting and identifying leadership pipeline
  • Defining leadership success


Assessing Leadership Capability

  • Applying appropriate methods to assess leaders
  • Communicating results and potential leadership gaps


Building Leaders

  • Choosing and applying different development methods
  • Sourcing development programs for individuals and groups


Measuring Leadership

  • Establishing a measurement framework
  • Governance arrangements around leadership programs

Sydney              1st May             16th Oct

Brisbane           8th May            23rd Oct

Melbourne       15th May           30th Oct



$ 895 per person – excluding GST

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