The pressure to retain skilled employees is increasing. Organisations are renewing their workforce investments as a method of retaining critical capability. Workforce planning provides managers and HR professionals with an approach to attract, retain, develop and deploy workforce capability to meet their organisational objectives.

This half-day course has been designed to assist managers and HR professionals gain an understanding of the workforce planning process; their respective roles in the process and the importance of workforce information in developing fact based solutions.


Strategic Workforce Planning

  • What is workforce planning anyway?
  • How can I apply a framework to my context?


Workforce Planning Data Requirements

  • What information do I need as a starting point?
  • What else might be required?
  • Where can I access other relevant information?


Overcoming Barriers

  • What are the barriers to effective workforce planning?
  • How do I overcome these barriers?


Engaging Key Stakeholders

  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • How do I engage with them?


Keeping the momentum

  • Integrating workforce planning with other planning processes
  • Keeping people enthusiastic about the process



Sydney              19th November

Brisbane           26th November

Melbourne       3rd December



$ 495 per person – excluding GST