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Gente Services

Gente Consulting was established to assist organisations measure and better manage investments in their people.
We help organisations improve employee engagement and workforce productivity through innovative yet pragmatic workforce solutions.
Our solutions incorporate workforce metrics to help monitor the impact of change and ultimately return on investment.
We provide Advisory, Technology and Education services.

Our Consulting Approach

We believe that applying a standard approach where possible ensures that we can deliver quality outcomes on a consistent basis for our clients.

In all our consulting work we utilise a project management approach based on Agile and Prince2 project management methodologies. Our technology solutions are developed using an iterative development style based on Agile manifesto product development methodology.

All of our projects have 4 key stages, planengagedesign and deliver. We conclude all our projects with a formal project close meeting. Doing so ensures all of our clients needs and expectations are met and learnings can be applied for future projects. Our high level approach to our consulting work is illustrated below …


We believe planning is critical to overall project success


We ensure adequate buy-in and engagement for projects


We challenge our clients thinking to achieve the best possible outcomes


We work hard to ensure final deliverables meet client needs and  expectations

What you can expect from Gente …

   We will always ensure that a Principal Consultant leads your project.

   We will utilise our expertise and experience to ensure you achieve maximum results within the shortest possible timeframes.

   We will keep the promises we make to you.

   We will take great care in assembling the right project team for your project.

   We will utilise project management methodologies to ensure we deliver quality outcomes on time and to budget.

   We will be respectful of your unique context and will never force fit a solution.

   regretfully, We will sometimes have to say NO  –  e.g., if what you WANT harms your ability to achieve what you really NEED.

Ultimately, we believe that if we deliver a great outcome for you this will lead to more work for us.