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Advisory Services

We are a boutique consultancy practice focusing on providing high value adding services and advice to our clients. Our principal and senior consultants are all experts in their chosen field.

Our areas of expertise include:

  Workforce & Strategy Alignment
  Strategic Workforce Planning
  Capability Framework Development
    Remuneration Strategy & Incentive Design
  Performance Management Systems

We utilise technology to support our advisory practice and education services to assist managers and HR professionals.

Workforce and Strategy Alignment
  • We help organisations align their workforce with their strategic imperatives.
  • The Gente approach identifies worforce issues under three key themes – Availability, Capability, and workforce Engagement. 
  • Our approach helps organisations enact the changes required to achieve workforce alignment and improved productivity.
  • We work directly with senior executives and management teams to help identify actions required to improve workforce alignment.
  • Utilising our proprietary workforce profiling tool – Gente Workforce Profiler – we can obtain a clear fact driven view of the workforce.
    – provides a visual representation of workforce characteristics (such as recruitment, promotion and turnover patterns) across business units and by key job families.
    – outputs used in discussions with senior leadership team – to help identify and contextualise workforce issues and their impact on strategic imperatives.
  • We develop workforce strategies that clearly communicate people management priorities for the organisation.
  • We help organisations to implement and monitor the changes required for ongoing workforce alignment.
  • Success is measured through positive impacts of change on employee engagement and motivation.
  • Working with a Queensland Emergency Service organisation we were able to clearly articulate the changing workforce needs given changes to community service expectations. We identified key actions required to mobilise and re-engage with the largely hierarchical and longer tenured workforce.
  • We identified a clear set of priority actions for another Queensland Government Department.  A key change included shifting from a narrow (silo’d) approach to resourcing to a more flexible, collaborative one used to mobilise and allocate resources more efficiently for the Department.
Strategic Workforce Planning
  • We help develop a Strategic Workforce Plan that clearly identifies current and future workforce requirements and key priority actions to help transition the workforce.
  • We utilise our proprietary Gente Workforce Planning Tools and Templates to help organisations develop their strategic workforce plans.
  • The workforce planning process is embedded into the organisations existing planning cycle.
  • We work directly with senior executive group to help identify future workforce capability and resourcing requirements.
  • We utilise our Gente Workforce Planning Tools & Templates to determine workforce demand and supply projections.
  • Strategic Workforce Plans developed by Gente articulate:-
    – the level of workforce alignment with strategic objectives
    – potential scenarios impacting workforce requirements
    – workforce supply and demand forecasts
    – current & future workforce capability & resourcing needs and
    – actions required to transition to the desired future workforce.
  • Transition plans include ongoing monitoring & clear governance arrangements.
  • Managers and HR professionals are up skilled during plan development.
  • Gente developed the workforce planning framework and supporting tools and templates in use across the Queensland Government.
  • Cristian Ulloa – Principal Consultant has developed the workforce planning framework and education program in use across the NSW Government.
  • Our workforce planning approach assisted a major Australian retail bank save in excess of $5 million per annum through improved resource allocation.
  • A Queensland Central Agency reduced its recruitment and contractor expenses through managed redeployments and improved resource management.
Capability Framework Development
  • We assist organisations gain a better understanding of their workforce capability.
  • Our capability framework development process incorporates our proprietary – Gente Online Capability Assessment System – GoCAS™.
  • Our frameworks are develop to suit your organisations specific context and can incorporate management, leadership, functional and technical competencies.
  • We work with clients to build capability frameworks that are pragmatic and address multiple organisational needs.
  • Our frameworks are built to serve our clients specific needs – we tailor our capability frameworks to suit our client’s unique context.
  • Capability frameworks usually incorporate, leadership, management, functional as well as technical competencies.
  • We provide an online assessment and validation process – this allows clients to not only assess an individuals skills and capabilities but also have them validated by a managers.
  • Our clients are provided with an online assessment and validation tool – GoCAS™ System to allow employees to assess and validate their skills and capabilities.
  • A major international automobile manufacturer was able to determine the capability needs across their regional workforce.  The capability framework included technical competency needs and provided insights for the organisation to enhance it’s promotion and rotation program. It also led to standardisation of skills and capabilities across the network for various regional roles. The GoCAS™ System was an integral component into the ongoing assessment and validation of employees skills and capabilities.
  • A government department was able to introduce the GoCAS™ System soon after implementing their capability framework. They rolled out the system to over 2500 employees and for the first time gain a deep understanding of the skills and capabilities available across their diverse workforce. The capability framework addressed leadership, management and technical competencies.
  • A large manufacturing organisation wanted to enhance its workforce capabilities and also provide a solid basis for assessing individual skills against the various technical roles that existed across the group. We were able to introduce a capability framework that included behavioural as well as technical competencies. The capability framework has been used extensively to help induct and develop employees.
Remuneration Strategy & Incentive Design
  • We provide assistance with all aspects of remuneration, from sourcing comparative data, managing the annual review process to reviewing your Executive and Board remuneration levels.
  • We can also audit and recommend improvements to your current remuneration systems, design and implement incentive schemes and total remuneration and reward structures for your organisation.
  • Our consultants will support you by providing independent advice based on our understanding of your needs, access to multiple data sources and our extensive consulting expertise.
  • All of our consultants have extensive experience managing remuneration for both public and private sector organisations.
  • Our recommendations are based on a deep understanding of the market and best practice remuneration systems.
  • RemAssist® consultants are not bound to a single source of remuneration data. We work with multiple sources to establish the most appropriate comparative remuneration market for our clients.
  • We take pride in the quality of our work and advice. We employ quality assurance processes that ensure our advice and recommendations are verified prior to being released to our clients.
  • There are three levels of RemAssist® service available to clients; 1.) Data Assist, 2.) Hands on Help and 3.) Design Studio.
  • “We just needed data – through RemAssist®  we were provided with useful remuneration data to augment our analysis and assist with our recruitment activities.” Gente was able to provide accurate and timely market remuneration data using Data Assist – for specific manufacturing roles for the organisation.
  • “RemAssist provided guidance on how we could streamline our remuneration processes …it will make future reviews a lot less painful.” Hands on Help provided this client with the immediate consulting assistance they required and advice on how to better manage their remuneration review process.
  • “Our incentive plans were ineffective. RemAssist was able to design a more effective plan for our Senior Executives.” Design Studio provided this finance sector organisation with remuneration advice they needed to help them retain key employees and maximise the return on their remuneration and reward investments.
Performance Management Systems
  • We can help you setting up a new performance management system or upgrade your existing system together with managing specific issues of underperformance.
  • Measurement is an important element in any performance management system – We can assist in establishing a framework underpinned by key success measures.
  • We believe that exceptional performance comes down to having the right goals, measuring the right things and motivating employees through appropriate reward systems.
  • We engage early with the Senior Executive to understand key objectives and how well aligned individual employees align with these objectives.
  • A review of existing performance arrangements and contracts help to identify any disconnects between organisational level objectives and an individuals contributions – how well aligned and line of sight is critical.
  • Establishing the design principals of the framework, the measurement basis and the links to rewards is included in our approach. If any of these dimensions isn’t right it can have unintended consequences on performance.
  • Finally we work at communicating, implementing and monitoring the new system.
  • A private sector heavy industries organisation was struggling to achieve the engagement and performance they needed from the workforce. Clarifying the roles and objectives for work teams and implementing a new performance and reward framework help them reduce the amount of wastage and rework. Staff morale had been at an all time low – providing clarity around performance and rewards expectations had a lasting impact on performance.
  • A private sector organisation was having difficulty managing poor performance in a constructive and non-threatening manner. By introducing a capability framework we were able to focus attention on development which in turn led to discussions around performance. The discussions have been received in a positive light and significant productivity improvements have been observed across different groups within the Department.