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Education Services

Gente conducts a number of public and private workshops to help transfer knowledge to our clients.

Workshops are designed using “real life” case studies to help participants learn and apply newly gained knowledge in real life situations. All of our workshops can be tailored to suit your specific workplace needs.

Given the advent of COVID-19 all of our workshops are now delivered online.

Our workshops include:

  Workforce Planning Essentials
  Workforce Planning Intensive
  Developing Leadership Strategy

We will work with you to ensure our programs meet your learning and development needs.
Workforce Planning Essentials
  • The pressure to retain skilled employees is increasing. Organisations are renewing their workforce investments as a method of retaining critical capability.
  • Workforce planning provides managers and HR professionals with an approach to attract, retain, develop and deploy workforce capability to meet their organisational objectives.
  • This online course has been designed to assist managers and HR professionals gain an understanding of the workforce planning process; their respective roles in the process and the importance of workforce information in developing fact based solutions.
  • The workshop is delivered over 3 x 2hr online sessions
  • Individual Registration – $895 plus GST
Workforce Planning Intensive
  • This online program has been developed to expand on the topics covered in the workforce planning – essentials program.
  • Participants will work through a case study that will allow them to apply workforce planning principles in a real life situation.
  • The program will develop participants skills and understanding of data needed and the importance of collaboration with business leaders in formulating workforce solutions.
  • The intensive program will cover topics such as environmental scanning, developing supply & demand forecasts, engaging with management and overcoming typical barriers to effective workforce planning.
  • The program will also touch on challenges faced in both a private and public sector context.
  • The workshop is delivered over 6 x 2hr online sessions
  • Individual Registration – $1395 plus GST
Developing a Leadership Strategy
  • This online program has been designed to assist managers and HR professionals develop their organisations unique leadership strategy.
  • The program provides participants with a guiding framework to help define, assess, build and measure their organisations leadership capability.
  • The program will include practical activities to facilitate discussion and engage with senior executives around the need to define & develop their unique Leadership Strategy.
  • The program will also provide participants with a process to help measure the success of their leadership investment.
  • The workshop is delivered over 3 x 2hr online sessions
  • Individual Registration – $895 plus GST